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Gym Systems (established 2001 - New York City, NY) provides high quality sales, distribution, installation and service of smart technology fitness products to health club facilities in the Northeast USA including Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Our goal at Gym Systems is to introduce to Health, Wellness and Fitness Clubs the best fitness and electronics technology products and services available on the market and to create a positive environment within the fitness facility. Our aim is assist you in attracting new membership sales, developing secondary profit centers and ultimately achieving higher membership retention rates.

At Gym Systems, we believe certain fitness and technical products can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your health and fitness operation. Embracing the fitness industry's recent advances in technology is a positive expression of your health club's commitment to the future of your business and sets you apart from the competition.

Only Gym Systems has the ability to provide you with the complete solution for all your fitness technology needs. Gym Systems portfolio of fitness products offers club managers and owners the peace of mind that all their clubs systems can be found in one place - at Gym Systems.

Gym Systems Portfolio Includes a Wide Variety of Health Club Systems:

Audio-Visual Entertainment Systems and Media Networks


When it comes to selecting fitness entertainment solutions for all your clubs needs, there's no better place to look than Gym Systems. Our fitness club entertainment formula covers all areas of your facility including cardio areas, strength decks, group exercise studios, spinning studios, gymnasiums, basketball courts, lecture halls, indoor and outdoor swimming areas, lobby areas, locker rooms, daycare rooms, spas and massage rooms, tanning salons, elevators, roof decks and more.

We can outfit your entire facility by using a variety of audio-visual entertainment products and techniques. Our sound engineers are the best out there and will give your members and guests an uplifting and stimulating experience that's satisfying and uniquely entertaining...they'll never forget it.

Access Control

Gym Systems SECURES.

We offer the best in smart solutions for Automated Access. Our experience in understanding the needs of the fitness business and other markets has led us to the most reputable access control providers in the country. These companies offer the latest in technology while delivering versatility in functionality and software solutions.

Systems include: indoor and outdoor turnstiles & alarms, biometrics, scanners (palm readers, optical, key-tag membership swipe cards, optical turnstiles, punch code locking mechanisms, number configurations, RFID and more….). Access Control provides your facility with increased security and profitability. Eliminate lost revenues from unchecked entries, increase front desk productivity and decrease staff costs while increasing customer convenience. Upgrade to a 'Fast Lane' for regular members and minimize front desk congestion and 'bottlenecks' during peak times.

At Gym Systems, we believe an efficient member check-in process is a strong first impression for any club and will ensure every entry is checked, every time with no lost revenue.

Security Surveillance


As a lower Manhattan NYC based business, we understand the importance of health club surveillance. Since 911, Gym Systems has networked with some of the leading Fitness Industry associations and organizations in the Northeast to bring a higher sense of awareness on how surveillance systems can increase security in a fitness facility. Our prime objective has been to work with clubs currently without surveillance and to make recommendation for instalation of a new system.

Digital recording opens a whole new range of features and capabilities far beyond the time lapse VCR system. These include: crystal clear images (Color or B&W), extended recording times up to one month on hard drive, capability to download files to CD and use for print-out or in cooperation with local law enforcement, no degradation of images after repeated playing, integrated video motion detection, multi-site connection from club to club, On & Offsite remote access (meaning you can view what's going on in your club from anywhere, anytime), up to 32 different camera locations, etc.

At Gym Systems, we believe your members safety and security should be your TOP PRIORITY. When your club is ready to step up to the power and features of a digital security system, look to Gym Systems, the health and fitness industry's choice.

Club Management Software Applications

Gym Systems is SMART.

Choosing the right software and computer systems can streamline your front and back office operations. A versatile management software solution will support all aspects of a club's operation, from the check-in process to billing and collections. Functionality and exceptional customer support are key.

The key to good membership management control is to use the right system.

Club Internet Services

Gym Systems INFORMS.

The Internet in the Fitness Industry is no longer in its infancy, so why should your facility be. It's to be expected a large majority of your members use the Internet on a daily basis. Aside from facilitating communication between the club and member (i.e. booking appointments & classes, etc.), it's a great resource for all sorts of health & fitness information.

At Gym Systems we've harnessed what we think are the most useful and applicable forms of the Internet as they apply to a health club setting. They include:

With our Internet services, your facility can enter the information age.

Select Fitness and Health Care Products

Gym Systems CARES.

Every now and then a fitness/health product comes along that just makes sense. It stands out from the crowd. It may be comfort, cleanliness, tasty or just simple. It feels right.

At Gym Systems, our reputation for hand-picking these types of products that "make a difference" to fitness enthusiasts is what makes Gym Systems a totally unique company. Some of our select fitness products include:

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