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August 11, 2003 -- New York, NY -- Health clubs are rapidly becoming hot spots for innovative technologies, and New York City's Gym Systems now offers progressive club owners a whole family of smart systems to help them improve operations, lower costs, and boost member satisfaction with audio-visual entertainment, education, electronic security, access control and record keeping technology products.

Brand Expansion

CEO Tom Beaumont
CEO Tom Beaumont

Gym Systems was originally founded under the name Electronics Partners Group in 2001. CEO Tom Beaumont has re-branded the company to reflect an expansion in its business model and fitness-related products offering and moved its headquarters and showroom from neighboring Brooklyn to new 5th Avenue Manhattan offices. After achieving a record sales increase in the fitness center entertainment systems category of nearly 400% in the first half of 2003, Gym Systems has become a one-stop buying provider of smart solutions. The company also launched it new website, which allows customers to thoroughly evaluate the company's wide variety of products and applications.

Beyond Audio And Video

Gym Systems originally specialized in audio-visual entertainment systems including wall-mounted television monitors and personal viewing screens mounted in front of cardiovascular training machines. Since 2001, the company has installed over 3,500 personal screens in clubs based in the Northeast USA. Beaumont has expanded Gym Systems product family and service programs to include a full gamut of smart technology products for fitness centers, such as:

  • Audio-Visual Entertainment Systems & Media Networks
  • Access Control Turnstiles and Front Desk Check-In Systems
  • Digital Security Surveillance Systems
  • Club Management Software Applications
  • Club Internet Solutions
  • Select Fitness & Healthcare Products

CEO Comments

"All clubs offer fitness equipment like weight lifting, cardio machines and various group exercise programs, but the new wave for gyms is technology that improves the member experience and reduces the tedium of exercise. Increasingly popular are products that enhance safety, security and productivity -- systems such as automated access control, digital surveillance systems, membership management programs, internet cafés and online health & fitness magazines. Clubs are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Embracing fitness technology is a smart way to accomplish that," says Beaumont.

Gym Systems portfolio now includes:

Cardio Theater and Enercise - Personal viewing screens, transmitters and receivers that provide entertainment solutions for every member of a club, regardless of their personal fitness goals.

The Cardio Theater and Enercise package programs provide motivational content for all members.

Dakota Security - Automated access control turnstiles and front desk check-in systems ensure that every member is verified on every club visit. No invalid visits or unchecked entries are allowed. Affordable and low maintenance. System is compatible with most club management systems.

ASL Digital Surveillance - Eliminates bothersome VCR cassettes and provides crystal clear pictures, which can be remotely viewed anywhere, at home or on business trips.

"Our new brand name and website accurately mirror our new business model as a full service provider. We pride ourselves on professional installation and continuous maintenance support for the latest technologies. We've found in the past that health club owners have been intimidated by high tech fitness gadgets, but more and more fitness operators are becoming aware of how technology can significantly improve their daily fitness operations and their members' gym experiences," Beaumont adds.

Professionally-Validated Installation And Service

Gym Systems rigorously trains its in-house team of installation and service managers and field technicians. In addition to our comprehensive installation services, the company provides custom designed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual service plans to suit the different needs of each customer. The company also provides trade in promotions, out-of-warranty repair and exchange and manufacturers' extended warranties.

The manufacturers of these technologies agree. Tony Garcia, founder and president of Enercise and also Executive Vice President of Cardio Theater said, "Enercise partnered with Gym Systems to market, install and support the full line of technically advanced Enercise entertainment systems for fitness centers. Our decision was based on a combination of their fitness market background and technical experience. We are pleased that Gym Systems will continue to provide the same outstanding level of service to ClubCom/CardioTheater customers."

ClubCom provides private television network operations for many of the world's leading health club organizations and currently entertains over 8 million monthly viewers concentrated in the nation's top media markets. Cardio Theater's full line Exercise Entertainment™ systems enable health club members to listen to individually selected audiovisual entertainment choices while exercising on cardiovascular equipment.

Shawn Vint, president of FitDV, the fitness industry's leading provider of online exercise education and entertainment echoes Garcia's comments;

"We're proud to have FitDV featured in Gym Systems' product portfolio. Their creative sales and distribution network is exactly what we have been looking for. They've developed an innovative reputation in the Northeast and a strong reputation for service after the sale."