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Gym Systems Provides One-Stop Shopping For Health Club Internet Needs & FitDV Highlight Digital Resources

Manhattan, N.Y. - Dec. 16, 2003 - Gym Systems now distributes two of the health club industry's most popular Internet tools -'s website building program and FitDV's online health and fitness magazine - according to Gym Systems CEO Tom Beaumont.

"By adding these two powerful digital marketing and education tools, Gym Systems has become the fitness industry's only one-stop buying site for all health club audiovisual media entertainment, security intelligence, club management software and Internet products. Our goal is to make high technology integration simpler for clubs by making the most cost-effective and productive hardware and software products available from one provider," says Beaumont. Website Tool

Gym Systems now distributes the website building tool. Web pages generated by FitCommerce technology cost as little as $13 per month, so any club, regardless of size, can afford to post its own brand on the Internet. Typical FitCommerce websites include on-site club photos, staff bios, hours of operations, amenities descriptions, news, event calendars, information request forms and directions to the club.

"The most exciting two tools in the arsenal", said Beaumont, "are the 'Web Word Processor' and the online 'Calendar'. If you can use a word processor, you can publish a web page, such as a newsletter, in minutes without programming. Attractive orderly online event calendars and class schedules are a great way to communicate to members and can be maintained with little effort".

"Of all the media", said Al Valente, president of FitCommerce, "a website is the quickest and easiest way for prospective members to compare health clubs. They want to get a feel for space, cleanliness, friendly staff, and features from the comfort of their home computer. Then after narrowing the list, they'll visit particular clubs. We're delighted to partner with Gym Systems in this exciting venture and to make our products and services available to their broad customer base."

About FitDV's Online Magazine

FitDV's online health and fitness magazine is the only multi-media provider offering streaming video, celebrity and expert interviews, exercise demonstration videos and motivational advice to club members worldwide, on their fitness clubs website. Shawn Vint, president of FitDV, estimates that of the 20,000+ clubs in North America, 90 percent have websites, but fewer than 20 percent of these offer educational content. More than 350 clubs now offer FitDV powered content.

Vint adds "Attaching the club customized, FitDV On-Line Magazine to any professional website is the easiest, most cost effective way to provide your members and the community a reason to visit your website. Quality health and wellness feature articles, videos, and fitness tools are wrapped up in a customized version with your name, logo and colors on every page and video. We are proud that our service is included along with the other high quality products and services Gym Systems offers their clients. Tom Beaumont and his team have proven to be effective and professional".